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Futon is a word borrowed from the Japanese, which means natural fibre mattress. Traditional Japanese Futons are made from 100 percent pure cotton and are quite firm, giving a good supportive nights sleep by moulding to your body shape. We handmade all our futons here on site to accompany our hand made solid wood bed and sofa bed frames.

Our Handmade Futons

At Authentic Futons Brisbane we make both the classic cotton futon, and the less maintenance requiring cotton foam core futon.

A traditional style all cotton futon is softer, if used on a nightly basis it requires being put in the sun every couple of weeks to keep it in optimal condition, the suns heat will penetrate and revitalise, fluff up, the cotton from the slight body weight compaction that will accumulate with use.

The cotton foam core futon is far more popular these days, because it requires sunning only every six to eight weeks.  We insert a seven centimetre thick sheet of, high quality Australian Made Dunlop Brand, high density foam, between either five cm’s or seven cm’s of pure Australian cotton per side.  The sunning period is only required every couple of months, as the foam gives a layer of cushioning, even though the cotton is slightly compacted.  They are also much lighter in weight than an all cotton.

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All our futon mattresses can also be made with a 30mm layer of, Tontine Pure Australian Wool, wrapped around them to give a slightly plusher and more seasonally versatile mattress.

We hand make all our futons on site, in all industry standard sizes, and can also create custom sizes.

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